Hello!  I’m Jamie, the photographer behind the camera!

  • I love to travel!  Some of my favorite spots have been Thailand, Cuba, Switzerland, Hawaii and Florence!  I always am looking for our next adventure!
  • I’ll never say no to a good Netflix binge along with buttery popcorn.
  • My husband and I love the outdoors.  We try and go hiking as much as we can and now we have two little boys which make it an even better workout 😉
  • I love the whole senior photography process, from beginning to end!  It’s always so fun to help with tips on what to wear and where to shoot…then it’s like a mini modeling session come time for the sessions!  When I had senior photos done, it was in a studio and was kind of boring and generic…so happy to bring the session outdoors and make it fun!
  • My secret obsessions is following Instagramers who own online boutiques as well as vendors who own gorgeous wedding venues (I’m also a wedding photographer).  If I had more hours in the day, I would love to own an online boutique and maybe one day have my very own white barn mountain wedding venue!

Thanks for stopping by!